Skola Dokoran – WIDE OPEN SCHOOL

Skola dokoran – Wide Open School n. o. was established in 2012 as a successor of the Wide Open School Foundation, which focused on life-long learning through a variety of needs-centred projects since 1994. The Foundation was established as a spin-off organisation by the Open Society Foundation Bratislava to pursue its priorities in early childhood development and youth education, reform of the education system, and education of the marginalised. In December 2015, the organisation changed its name to Skola dokoran – Wide Open School n. o.

The main goal of all its activities is to enable all families to live in a full-value and tolerant environment, have access to education and social services, and to be able to rely on an open and competent public administration in addressing their needs.

Special attention is paid to the young Roma people from disadvantaged backgrounds, those with special needs, and migrants while tackling discrimination, racism, segregation, bullying, violence and stereotypes to create a basis for promoting active citizenship in learning.

The activities of our organisation contribute to the development of a stimulating environment with an emphasis on Roma education, employment, housing, and health. The main activities include social inclusion of marginalised children and youth, especially Roma, and particularly those living in poor parts of the country, empowering vulnerable children and youth to become active citizens, and promotion of an integrated approach to social and financial education for all children and young people.

Media competences’ training is also one of the main activities of the organisation since 2017. The organisation is implementing several Erasmus+ projects both as the Lead Applicant and a partner and has extensive experience in international dissemination of the best practises including the Council of Europe and other EU bodies.

It has 7 employees, 25 project workers and volunteers.