Three-day training in Tirana

Around 37 participants per session were engaged in Local Training in Tirana, focused on Community engagement and Human Rights.  Participants aged 14-20 years old had the opportunity to discuss on different aspects of their community that they like and also group and list some aspects that they would like to change.

Some of the needs identified in their communities included : improving school conditions; lack of social activities for children and youth; lack of awareness on healthy lifestyle; awareness on equality and diversity, bullying, protection ect; environment issues; animal protection ect.  

Hey brought also some  examples of everyday life where they think some rights are not being fulfilled, how that is related to their community and how can they become change makers.  

For some of them it was the first time participating in a training, so they were glad to be part of the team and have the opportunity to discuss more in depth about their concerns.

One of the topics discussed during the last session was also financial Education, and different  source income where the participants learned on ways how they they can do to earn money from a business, temporary jobs, small business; ideas on seasonal work that they did or intend to; shared experience on any type of work that they do for the family or other business; works that help them with benefits that are not related to money but goods.

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