Three-day training in Saranda

A total of 3-day sessions was developed during the period March 2022 involving around 35 young peoplefrom Saranda and Gjirokastra aged 15-19 years old were involved.  

Young people who participated had various socio-economic background, youth from Roma and non-Roma community, from rural and urban area, and most of young people had no experience and exposure to peer activities and training before.

The program was designed to assist young people on:

  • Discover and develop self-awareness through their interaction with their peers;
  • Development of social awareness and sense of belonging while practicing skills of cooperation and interacting with others (similar or not in race, age, gender, abilities);
  • Enhance their understanding of community giving participants capacity to undertake small scale community projects and increase their knowledge on Human Rights through activities that explore and address stereotypes, discrimination, prejudices and inclusion;
  • Become aware of the activities they do and which could potentially generate income;
  • Identify different income streams and Examine their sources of income as part of their budget.

According to participants feedback after each session conducted they appreciated the team building games as those helped them to improve communication skills and cooperate with others in the group, while making the competition and the program more fun.

The project is implemented under the Erasmus + program and is funded by the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture, which operates under the authority delegated by the European Commission.

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