The six-day training in Vranje (Serbia), which was held in July 2021, encouraged young people to activism in the community.
Youth workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina recognized the need for additional support for young people in the local community, which concerns the need for assistance in developing communication skills and raising the level of self-confidence among young people and their peers.
12 youth workers applied to the public call for projects published by the local foundation, the Tuzla Community Foundation, and thereby provided funds for work with young people in primary schools in the area of Tuzla Canton.
The process primarily included the analysis of the situation through questionnaires with the target group of young people, then the empowerment of youth workers on topics that stood out as the most important through the analysis of the situation, peer teaching and evaluation of the process.

Based on the analysis of a survey conducted among young people in elementary schools, 6 elementary schools, youth workers were empowered through education during which they learned about Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall Rosenberg and about stress (how to recognize stressful situations and how to deal with stress). The learned steps in communication and coping strategies with stress were transferred by youth workers to young people in a total of 6 primary schools.

This project is an additional effect and indicator of the success of the six-day training that was held as part of the project Action for Roma Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Empowerment - ACT4ROM.

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