A two-day meeting of partners was held in Košice, Slovakia

In the period from 11th to 14th April, 2022, Košice, Slovakia, was held an international meeting of partner organizations of the project "Action for Roma Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Empowerment - ACT4ROM".

The meeting was attended by representatives of partner organizations from Serbia, Pomoć deci, Slovakia, Wide Open School - Škola Dokoran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Međunarodno udruženje "Interaktivne otvorene škole" (MIOS) Tuzla and from Albania, Partnere per Femijet.

During the meeting, the partners discussed the activities carried out in the period from February to April 2022. The realization of peer trainings at the local level is underway, as well as the preparation for the youth exchange in Albania, which is planned for the month of May 2022.
Also, during the meeting, dates were proposed for the implementation of the final conference, which is planned for the 24 months of the project, in October 2022.
The recommendations that the partners from Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina should create based on the results obtained during the project implementation period were discussed.

The next meeting of the partners is planned during the final conference in Sarajevo, which is planned for October 2022. In the meantime, the partners maintain communication online.

The project is implemented under the Erasmus + program and is funded by the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture, which operates under the authority delegated by the European Commission.


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